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Calgary Stucco Painting


For many years Magnum Stucco has been providing outstanding commercial, industrial and residential stucco painting in Calgary. Our projects are always on-time and on-budget. Our dedicated team of certified, insured painters are committed to providing your business with exceptional workmanship and virtually no downtime. We even work nights and weekends to accommodate our client’s hours.


At Magnum Stucco no job is too big or too small! Each project maximizes lifespan and cost-effectiveness. The owner of the company is personally involved with all projects, from meeting with our clients and estimating,to the site inspection once the work is done. We are fully insured, licensed and registered with the Worker’s Compensation Board for both customer and contractor protection. We offer a two-year limited warranty on all completed projects and carry two million dollar liability insurance on all jobs. Contact us today.


The Calgary Stucco Painting Process

There are four essential steps to any stucco painting in Calgary. In order, these are the pre-paint inspection, painting, clean up and inspection stages. Below, we look at each stage in more detail and outline the steps we take to ensure a quality product every time. 

1. Pre-Paint Inspection

During the first stage of the process, our diligent staff prepare the surface for painting. This includes removing any obstacles or furniture that may be in the way, as well as protecting any unmovable surfaces, like window frames, garden hoses, etc. We can also caulk any unsealed areas on windows and doors. Once these activities are complete, we may pressure wash the stucco to ensure there is no loose material or dirt on the surface.

2. Painting

The painting stage involves applying two coats of elastomeric or acrylic paint. We always paint until we have 100% coverage, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing job. Our application methods include brushes, rollers and spray guns, and we select our tools based on the best option for the job. This means using brushes for detailed work, as an example. The choice of colour is entirely up to our valued clients, but we can offer suggestions if needed.

3. Clean Up

Once the painting is complete and dry, the next step in the process is cleaning up our work area. This includes removing any soiled materials, coverings or other equipment used during the Calgary stucco painting process. We remove all garbage, waste and materials. We also provide our clients with a small amount of touch-up paint, in case of damage later on. 

4. Inspection

Our final step is completing a walkthrough and inspection of the worksite. We work with our clients to identify any thin or missed areas, inconsistencies in the film or issues they would like addressed. Quality comes standard with each and every project Magnum Stucco completes.

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If you would like more information about our painting process, or to book an appointment, contact us today. We look forward to working with you and providing an exceptional stucco experience. 

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