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Calgary Parging Repair

Magnum Stucco offers parging repair and parging in Calgary services that astound and amaze. We are dedicated to quality workmanship and take pride in furthering our abilities and what we can do for our valued clients. We work nights and weekends and are fully licensed and insured to serve you better. We also carry liability insurance through the Worker’s Compensation Board to give you peace of mind and satisfaction. Continue reading below to learn more about how parging works and how it can help your home look even better.


Parging in Calgary Made Simple

The material we use for parging repair in Calgary is made from a mixture of lime, water and cement. The purpose of parging is two-fold. The first reason to employ parging is that it covers the surface of exposed masonry and stone block walls with a more attractive coat. The second reason to use this method is that it helps to protect those same foundations with a long-lasting and sound barrier. These two methods together make parging an ideal choice for your home. 


When you work with Magnum Stucco on your parging project, you’ll likely notice that the process follows these routine steps. First, we meet with you to discuss options, budget and expectations. If parging is the right option for your situation, we will then book the time to come work on your project and mix the materials. We then apply the material and surface it for a uniform and attractive finish. Afterwards, we work with you to ensure any issues are resolved before the completion of the project. 


We can achieve multiple styles and designs with parging, from simple patterns to flat and smooth surfaces. When you combine this with an attractive and long-lasting coat of paint, the results are truly something to behold. The only thing better than the appearance of our parging is the knowledge that it is helping keep your home safe and protected from environmental damage.

Your Calgary Parging Experts

Magnum Stucco has the skills, experience and dedication you need to make your parging project a simple and straightforward affair. We’ve aimed our sights on becoming the best stucco company in the province, and it’s easy to see how these goals translate into our work. Whether it is the owner of the business getting involved at the start of every project or our continued efforts to push our capabilities and boundaries, you can rest assured that our team is dedicated to the best outcome for your Calgary parging project. Contact Magnum Stucco today and see what quality and experience can provide. 

    We offer 10 year warranty and promise the highest satisfaction guaranteed!