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Calgary Acrylic Stucco

There are many advantages to acrylic stucco in Calgary. Acrylic finishes can be made in just about any colour imaginable and matched to almost any shade. Acrylic is UV and fade resistant, won’t trap dust and allows the cladding system to breathe. The acrylic system also allows for a smooth, clean and attractive finish which can be preferable for builders, designers or homeowners. These are just a few of the many reasons why this material is becoming a more popular choice with homebuilders. Our team is also capable of handling repairs and improvements to acrylic stucco systems. We know that the material is low maintenance as a given, but for small imperfections or inconsistencies, we are the right choice. We look forward to working with you on your next stucco project.


The Process of Applying Acrylic Stucco in Calgary

Our Calgary acrylic stucco system is made with sand and a cement base. It is fundamentally similar to the traditional stucco system. The first step is installing a weather barrier wrapped in structural lath or wire to properly seal the system. Then, we apply a sand and portland cement base coat with lime and water over the entirety of the building. Next, a second layer of sand and cement is applied. We level this layer with a tool called a Darby, and then ‘float’ the wet material with a sponge. This step smoothes and levels any hills, valleys or voids in the wall. This is a critical step because the acrylic stucco in Calgary is typically not textured and as a result will show any imperfections in the wall. Once the wall has been sufficiently levelled and has had time to cure, an acrylic finish coat is applied. 


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