About us

At Magnum Stucco our goal is to provide the most outstanding services and quality. Our guarantee is to finish a home within a compromised time limit, leaving each home beautiful and durable for a life time, beating out our competitors’ prices. With our trust worthy services we promise to provide the best results for residential and commercial clients.

Our vision is to be Alberta’s leading stucco experts, providing exceptional quality, services, and prices that cannot be beat. Our mission is to improve the look of homes to our client expectations at the best price available leaving the homes looking remarkable and long lasing, and to keep customers coming back for more, and expanding our clientele. Our value at Magnum Stucco is to provide the best quality and workmanship services to all our clientele. It’s essential to us that each and every customer is more than enthused about their home.

Magnum Stucco is committed to honesty and quality workmanship. We’re always on time, ready to start your project according to your schedule. As a professional business, we promise to clean up after every job. No matter how long the project takes, each day we’ll leave your home or office tidy and clutter-free. You’ll hardly know we’ve been there.

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We offer 10 year warranty and promise the highest satisfaction guaranteed!